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NYUK Selections was founded by Noor Yacoub

A graduate in Economics and Human Resources with 12 years spent in recruitment. The first four years of her career, Noor specialised in the recruitment of Finance and Office Support staff. She brings with her knowledge and expertise gained from the client side whilst in HR and the Consultancy side whilst working as a consultant for Market Leaders. She has a deep understanding of the clients needs and a passion to deliver.

This is reflected in the culture of NYUK Selections Limited established in March 2001. There was lengthy analysis into the market place of a changing industry to create a fresh approach where innovative ideas are key to moving ahead in the 21st Century.

After extensive research the conclusion was reached that there is a gap in the market for a professional Selection Consultancy. The ideology of selection by listening and delivering the requirements of both the client and the applicant has a strong presence in the culture of the Company, it is believed that this contributes to a long lasting relationship between employer and employee. The founderís beliefs and commitment to Ďa hands oní approach are clearly reflected in the service that is provided at NYUK Selections Limited. The aim is clear, to focus on quality without compromising the efficiency that is often lost within the larger organisations, due to networking applicant databases, staff turnover, and other growth associated pitfalls.

The ultimate goal at NYUK is to match the right people to the right vacancies. The consultancy approach ensures that both our clients and our applicants come back to us during the life cycle of their employment career. Word of mouth recommendations are our most effective form of advertising and this is where a healthy percentage of our clients and applicants come from.

Whether you are an employer looking to recruit or a candidate seeking employment speak to us today and reach your own conclusion!

Noor Yacoub, BA Hons

Managing Director

Infoserve Ltd.

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